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                    About us
                    Message from the President

                    Zhangjiagang Sanli Sealing Alloy Material Co., Ltd was located in the famous yangtze river delta which has the only inland Port Free Trade Zone - Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone.The city has a pleasant ambience and a convenient water, land, air transportation,.Founded in the nineties of last century,our company is specializing in pumps, mechanical seals and the design, production, processing and marketing of tungsten carbide powder and the various grades of carbide wear parts. Our products are widely used in mechanical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power,medicine, electronics and other fields. The advanced automatic computer-controlled carbide sintering and mechanical processing equipment,the first-class mechanical seal simulation test equipment and materials physics, chemicalanalysis equipment and high-quality staff team make our company has the first-class professional technical ,flexible marketing strategies,quick thoughtful after-sales service, scientific management idea and solid economic strength.We have passed the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification and have the production license of large shaft diameter reactor and high pressure pump mechanical seal mechanical seal (Certificate Number: XK06-007-00003) which was issued by the AQSIQ(State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine).Our company is the member enterprise of China Chemical Equipment Association, China Tungsten Industry Association, ChinaAssociation of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals Mechanical Seals Branch.We have been named the "civilization enterprise for years.

                    Our company is based on the enterprise spirit of integrity, enterprise,team work and quality to achieve the
                    upvaluation of “Gaotai” brand and “Sanli” culture .Welcome all friends to join us to make our dream come true.

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